Welcome to the wonderful world of Bull Terriers.  They will capture your heart, change your life, and leave you wondering how you ever managed without them.

Bull Terriers are known for a lot of things, but the personality trait that stands out the most is their sense of humor.  Bull Terriers are our passion.  We are truly thankful to them for all the joy they bring into our lives in their daily antics and their wonderful human owners we have developed friendships with. 

These pages will express our truest experiences of life with a bullie and hopefully educate anyone who is considering adding one to their life. Please keep in mind, that Bull Terriers are not for everyone. Anyone considering adding a Bull Terrier to their family should research this breed carefully.
The bull needs love and steadiness at the same time. In return, he will
always give you love: trying to stay close to you every moment, standing at
your feet or over your lap. The way of putting his head in your arms is
unique, his stubbornness is proverbial. Sometimes he will run all along the
house bumping his head against the walls and furniture, as he wishes to say
you "Let's play together" and even if it is the wrong moment for doing
that, it's really difficult to remain indifferent to his invitation.
Sometimes you will lose your patience with him, but he knows how to obtain
your forgiveness. He has many aces up his sleeve: one is that way of
staring you with the head lowered, and then he kisses you.

The bull is a dog with a strong sense of humour, but sometimes you could
feel inclined to undramatize a situation that on the contrary is calling
for your firmness. As he perfectly knows when he has done something wrong,
you don't need to be too hard on him. Sometimes a glance could be enough...
ok, until his next trick! This explains my previous sentence: "You will not
forget a moment spent with him." The bull wants to share his entire life
with you. So whether you get a puppy or a rescued bull, you can be sure
that it will be an unforgettable experience.

The Miniature Bull Terrier is essentially a smaller version of the Bull Terrier. The mini accepts training well, yet is full of fire and courage. He has a sense of humor and natural ebullience, and is known for his clownish antics. This dog is an active dynamo whose good nature and stable temperament make for a great companion.

Shoulder height is about 14 inches and weight is about 18 to 24 pounds.

Miniature Bull Terrier beginnings date back to the early 19th century when the Bulldog and the now extinct White English Terrier were interbred to produce the "Bull and Terrier" later known as the Bull Terrier. The official offshoot of the breed was a rather small dog that was crossed again, this time with the Spanish Pointer to increase the size.

Possessed of such a heritage, it is a small wonder that the earliest specimens came in a wide range of sizes. There were toys that weighed from 4 to 7 pounds, and medium sized ones from 15 to 16 pounds, as well as the more usual sort resembling the full-sized Bull Terrier of today. The small dog came in various colors; some black-patched, a few blue and others pure white. The tiny white ones were known for awhile as Coverwood Terriers after England’s kennel of that name.

The Toys were exhibited abroad up to about 1914 but they elicited scant response from the fanciers because their type was poor. Dogs of medium or miniature size fared better since particularly in eyes and foreface they more closely approximated the type desired. This is exactly what the fanciers have been aiming for, namely a down-faced smaller dog weighing around 16 pounds and identical in make and shape and every single feature as the full sized Bull Terrier.

The miniature Bull Terrier became eligible to be shown in the miscellaneous class in 1963, and was accepted as a breed in 1991.