Hidden Valley's 
sale's policy

Thank you for your interest in my animals..
 Please read my sales policy before inquiring about one of my animal's. If you purchase a animal from me, it will be assumed,that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this policy. My policy applies to everyone who purchase's a animal, from me, whether you choose to read it or not!  I am sorry if my policies seem strict or harsh, but in order to avoid problems, It's the way, it has to be! Any legal issues will be handled where I live in West Liberty, Ky where the animal is sold.

Any animal can be held for a 50% non refundable deposit, of the full purchase price.
once inquired you have 10 days to get the deposit to me. If not received by the tenth day, the said animal will be placed back up for sale. If I get the deposit, you have 2 weeks, from the date received to pick up your new animal unless prior arrangements have been made. 
Waiting list Deposits are first come first serve, once a deposit is made, I give the animal in the order I receive the deposit, a waiting list can take up to 12 months + due to the weather patterns this year it had to be changed, as I cannot control Mother Nature!.

Due to space feed, & time a fee of $5.00 per day per animal will be charged once you have paid for an animal &do not pick it up on agreed date! The fees will be charged per day until the animal is picked up/shipped . If you place a deposit on an animal and for whatever reason cannot complete the purchase at the time, you can use the existing deposit on  a different animal at a later date HOWEVER, a fee of $3.00 a day per animal the deposit was placed on will be taken off your balance until the animal that the deposit was orginally placed on is sold. Also any additinoal discounts that I have to give a new client in order to sell an older animal will also be deducted off of your deposit. The remaining balance can be used for different animals. No EXCEPTIONS      Important! There will be a % & Fee to use a credit card service, when paying a deposit this rate can vary from 4.5%-20% to cover card service fees as well as cost and care of the animal being taking care of that you are placing a deposit on!

At the end of the 30 days if you still have not picked up your animal(s), or made arrangements to pick up the amimal(s) the deposit will be forfeited and the said animal(s) will be placed back up for sale with NO REFUNDS!

 All deposits to Hidden Valley will not be refunded under any circumstances, These are live animals.
 As said if you choose to not get the said animal, you may choose a new animal and use your existing deposit minus the fees, before the end of the 30 days with prior arrangements.


It is your responsibility to have any animal you purchased checked out by your vet within 24 hours of purchase if anything Is found to be wrong contact us ASAP we also reserve  the right to get a second opinion and use the opinion of the vets of our choosing!  Any animal that should become ill or die for some reason, within 48 hours of something that can be tracked back to Hidden Valley, with a signed, dated, & certified vet certificate, stating that the cause of illness or death was because of something at Hidden Valley, you will be offered a replacement,or in the rare case that I have sexed a animal wrong, (it can happen)  you will be offered a replacement, as well  of equal or lesser value.

 We do not give refunds for any reason. The animal must be returned to Hidden Valley as well as the Necropsy report  in the case of death with illness, within 24 hrs if issues arise a signed dated vet certificate needs to be provided! 

 In the case that I have sexed the animal wrong. You have 2 weeks to notify me.The animal must be returned to Hidden Valley in the same condition as it left in, being free from any injuries, illness, or disease.

 If for some reason the animal you return requires vet attention, you will be held liable for any and all cost inquired by Hidden Valley Rabbitry.You will no be reimbursed for any cost you were out while caring for the animal. No exceptions

  Replacement animals may or may not be available right away. You will be contacted once I have a replacement animal that fits your preferences.

You will then have only 2 weeks to pick up your new animal, unless prior arrangements have been made.
 after the 2 week period and no arrangements have been made your replacement will become void.

 We have the right to refuse a replacement to anyone at any time.


On another note, there will be no health guarantee, nor replacment if the animal(s) are  being purchased at a show, sale, event or flea market, I have no control of what they may come in contact with there, as well as the weather with temps up & down & so many people touching them after being around other sick animals, we do everything within our power to prevent any issues, but these elements are beyond my control! The only guarantee is, if the animal(s) are purchased directly from me or wherever I meet you at to deliver them!

Prices of my animals will depend on quality, type, breed, color, pedigree, proven breeder, wins, etc. My prices are not set in stone. I will price an animal according to what I think it is worth.
 I won't sell something I won't keep here, nor would I price it higher than what I would want to pay or have paid for the same quality. I reserve the right to change any prices at any time.

Please note again, refunds will not be given for any reason under any circumstances, no exceptions
 I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I do not except personal checks any longer, I have been burnt by one to many bad checks,cash or money order only.

I will answer any questions or concerns you have about any animal purchased from me, all you have to do is call or e-mail me.
 I am unable to guarantee any success of any animal on the show table or a breeding program. I do not know what they have been exposed to or how the animals are treated once they leave my farm.

We offer show, brood, & pet quality animals. If you have any questions , concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to ask.

 If you don't agree with my policy, please let me know, If it is within reason, I'm sure we could work something out. Otherwise these policies are in effect for everyone.