Hidden Valley's Nationally known & Recognized Micro Miniature Potbelly Piglet's as seen on TV, For Sale Page
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World Renowned Bloodlines, Hidden Valley's own AS Seen On TV. We have more Piglets ready soon! Very Tiny and Rare colors too. Call or E-mail for more info,
(606)743-1177 All our Babies are carriers of Blue and Green eyes, all Carry Pinto's & Fancy colors as well! If you would like to be added to the waiting list, let me know!
Scroll all the way down to see piggies that have gone to their new home!  Video of the Tyra show on the pigs on Tv page link is above!
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Allow a pigger to open the door to your heart today!

Staying Here
Staying Here
Staying Here
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Staying Here
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Oct 14. 09 Hidden Valley's Mini Pigs were featured live on the Tyra Banks show in New York City, New York. It aired on national T.V. on Nov, 9 on CW network So watch for Hidden Valleys pigs on the Tyra Banks show.! We have sold many of the famous Tv Piglets!  

Hidden Valley's Micro pig was also featured on season 3 of Rob Dyrdek's Fantacy Factory on MTV Check out the pigs on Tv link for videos & pics!

See our Available Piglets on our facebook page.

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Facebook: Hidden Valley Farm

This little guy is Staying here!

Nuvet Plus, wonderful for dogs & cats, now approved for Pigs. 1800-474-7044 order code: 85548

All Pigs below the
Blue star banner are
Tamra's spoiled Piggy, who lives in Ca
Hidden Valley Donate's Piglet to 13  yr old Cancer Slayer in Wv Trevor Seargeant!
You & your family are in our prayers!